23 January 2018 - Nature’s design

I’m delighted to say the glitch which prevented iOS device and Mac users seeing my pictures over on Photoblog seems to have been eradicated at last. That should make this duplicate blog redundant. Of course, I’m not going to tempt fate just now but abandoning this but, assuming it continues to work, I may well repurpose this part of my website in a week or two. Watch this space for further info! 

In the meantime, here’s today’s post..... 


My plan this afternoon was to have another go with the high resolution mode on my camera. However, I stupidly left it too late in the day and by the time I made a start the light levels had dropped too much for me to be able to use a low enough ISO setting for ultimate quality. This picture was shot in high res mode but at ISO 1600 its detail isn’t as clean as I’d have liked. It was as useful lesson learnt though and it made a pretty monochrome picture of nature’s use of the Fibonacci series in any case!