One-to-one and small group Photography Workshops

During the last couple of years I’ve run a number of photography workshops at Hatfield Forest for the National Trust. These have proved to be very popular and it’s been a pleasure to help others to take better photographs. While Hatfield Forest is a beautiful location, I’m aware that landscape and nature photography isn’t everyone’s thing.

I’m pleased to announce that I’m also now able to offer workshops on a more flexible basis in other locations.

Here is the basic outline of what’s available, although the content can be tweaked and individually tailored to fit your needs.

Getting out of automatic mode

One of these biggest challenges to anyone wanting to improve their photography is getting to grips with their camera.

Modern cameras are complex machines - effectively computers with a lens attached. While it’s entirely possible take good photos in automatic mode, even better results can be achieved with a little knowledge of how your camera works.

My aim is to get you out of automatic mode, allowing you to take control of how your photos are made. This means the resulting images are the ones you want to take, rather than the picture the camera thinks you want to take! This isn’t complicated - with a little know-how you can easily take creative control of your images.

Learning to compose more dynamic photos

Of course, photography isn’t all about the technology, so another important element of my workshops is composition.

Very often people take pictures without thinking carefully about the placement of their subject, or the way they’re using the light. I cover all of this, offering some simple concepts to help you to make better pictures immediately.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Through the workshops I’ve run so far, these two elements have been key to helping people take better photos. If you’ve been using your camera in automatic mode and fancy learning to use it better, to take more creative images, this could be perfect for you.

Please remember, this is all a starting point. I’m happy to accommodate other requests, be it focusing on a particular genre of photography, basic photo editing, or something else entirely. If you have ideas about what you want to learn, let me know!

Who are the workshops aimed at?

I can offer one-to-one or small group sessions, with a maximum of five people per group. These workshops are aimed at anyone who would like to gain greater control of their camera and take better pictures.

These workshops are ideal for anyone wanting a day of one-to-one tuition, or a small group (perhaps a group of friends) who want to get more out of their photography. The choice is yours.

Where will they take place?

This can be flexible, to suit my students, depending on what they like to shoot.

Possible locations near my base in Essex include Thaxted (a historic village with a beautiful church and windmill) and Cambridge (university city, teeming with street action and great architecture). However, if you have another location in mind I am happy to travel, within reason!

When will the workshops happen?

Workshop dates can be arranged to suit you. The day will run from around 10am to 3pm.

We’ll meet at 10am for a short classroom session, chat about settings and learn how to take creative control of your camera. This will be followed by a shooting session, where you can try out what you have learnt. Over lunch in a local coffee shop we’ll then talk more about composition and then get out shooting again. At all times I will be available to answer questions and help you with your images.

How much do the workshops cost?

Workshops are £75 per person for a day’s tuition, up to the maximum of five people. This includes tea/coffee at our initial meeting and provision of a booklet at the end of the day to help you remember all the things we’ve covered. Workshops that take place further than a radius of 25 miles from my home will incur an additional charge to cover travelling costs.

How do I book?

If I’ve whetted your appetite and you’re interested in booking a workshop, please use the contact form below and I’ll get back to you to discuss your requirements. I’m keen to tailor the day to your needs, in terms of technical ability and what you like to shoot, so you get the most from the day. Answering the questions here will help me understand your needs and ensure you have a fantastic day.

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