Photography Podcasts

I've been a big fan of photography podcasts for over a decade now - they're a great, free way to learn about the photography.  Here are some of my favourites - click on the title of each podcast to visit their webpages.

Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

I've been a fan of Martin's podcast since 2006 and have listened to every single episode.  Martin is a British photographer, based in Tokyo, who specialises in wildlife, nature and landscape work.  His shows are a mix of travelogues, reviews, interviews and inspirational advice.

Tips from the Top Floor

Chris Marquardt's podcast is one of the longest running and still an inspiration.  He focuses on the inspiration and technique side of photography and likes to interact with his audience, focusing on answering listener questions in many of them.


Photofocus started life in 1998 as a website offering free photography advice and inspiration, run by the legendary Scott Bourne.  The Photofocus ecosystem is now run by Rich Harrington and the site now offers a host of podcasts on many subjects.  

This Week in Photo

This Week in Photo began as a single weekly show, led by Frederick Van Johnson and a huge number of guest hosts.  These days it has expanded into a network of shows, covering subjects as varied as street and wedding photography (in separate shows!), gear, interviews and Photoshop. The original TWIP show is having a break at the moment but the back catalogue is still available through iTunes and is well worth a listen.


Brooks Jensen began producing his short, pithy photography shows way back in 2004, before the concept of podcasting even really existed.  He's now passed his 1000th show and every single one contains an inspiring or thought provoking idea.  Most of the shows are no longer than ten minutes so. 

Petapixel Photography Podcast

A relative new kid on the block, the Petapixel podcast evolved just over a year ago from a podcast hosted by Mike 'Sharky' James.  The show is dominated by the latest news from the photography world and is released twice a week.  A great source of the latest news and info!

Photo Podcast Network

The latest addition to the photography podcasting world is a network of shows, run by Scott Bourne and Marco Larousse. Their shows cover a variety of topics, including mirrorless cameras, inspiration and gear, and are always entertaining and inspiring.