About Helen Hooker

Helen Hooker is a creative individual, a photographer and musician. 

For twenty years she has travelled throughout the UK as a professional recorder player, coming to photography as a hobby in adulthood.  After a few years learning the basics Helen started a photoblog in 2007 with the aim of improving her photography by shooting at least one image each day for a year.  Helen's experience of discipline and practise in music made for an ideal foundation for her blogging and her regular travels for music have provided endless photographic inspiration.  Over eight years on she is still posting new images every day and photography has become part of Helen's professional life, alongside her music.

Helen shoots a wide range of subjects but has a particular passion for wildlife, automotive and architectural photography.  However, she loves to photograph almost anything and can often be found indulging in a little landscape photography or capturing candid images of people on city streets.

Helen lives in Elsenham, Essex and has recently expanded her photographic business to include an Etsy store, selling photographic greetings cards and prints, and works as a pet portrait photographer. 

Details of Helen's photoblog and Etsy store can be found by clicking here.