Photographer of the week

I thought it might be an interesting exercise to make a weekly post here about the photographers who have most inspired me as I have developed my photographic skills and to share their work with you.  As many of you will be aware, I am mostly self taught and I've learnt a huge amount from studying the work of talented photographers in many different fields.  

I thought I'd start the project off with one of my favourite car photographers - Tim Wallace.  I first came across Tim when he appeared on Scott Kelby's podcast, The Grid.  As someone who loves finding interesting details when I'm photographing cars I appreciate his way of finding the perfect angle to shoot a car from, lighting its details to create a sense of drama.  Add to that his shots of beautiful, iconic cars in stunning landscapes and I just can't help but plan how I'm going to spend that big lottery win I feel sure I'm destined for one day on an Aston Martin DB5!

How could anyone  not  want to own an Aston Martin when it's depicted in such an inspiring way?

How could anyone not want to own an Aston Martin when it's depicted in such an inspiring way?

Through his company Ambient Life, Tim creates inspiring images of those aspirational cars we'd all love to own - Aston Martin, Bentley and Morgan to name just a few.  I've heard Tim say that the photos he takes are of the cars you buy with your heart rather than your head - purchased for their desirability and not necessarily their practicality.  Tim has recently started an Ambient Life Facebook page where he posts his latest work and behind the scenes photos from his shoots but to really enjoy his wonderful photography you really should visit his Ambient Life homepage

I'd like to thank Tim for allowing me to use some of his beautiful images in this blog post and, of course, for inspiring me to want to improve as a photographer.