New projects and inspirations

For some time I've felt I could do with a photographic project to give me something specific to shoot for regularly but I couldn't quite pinpoint what the subject of this project should be.  This week inspiration finally struck.  Since we moved to Essex I regularly find myself walking through the City of London, more often than not from Liverpool Street Station through to the tube station at Bank.  I've often marvelled at the sheer number of churches that lie hidden away in the square mile of the City and it finally struck me that these would make an excellent ongoing subject to shoot.


After a little research I discovered that there are no less than 42 churches in the square mile, despite the best efforts of the Great Fire of London, falling numbers of parishioners and the devastation of the Blitz in World War II - plenty of photographic fodder for me to shoot!

I made a start today with a church that stands in Bishopsgate, just yards from Liverpool Street Station.  It rejoices in the unusual name of St. Botolph without Bishopsgate, although I have since discovered it isn't the most unusual name among the City's churches - I think St. Andrews by the Wardrobe wins that title!  I've walked past this imposing brick structure many times but never been inside.  When I did venture inside I found a very handsome and well cared for building which evidently has a full and varied working life.  One striking feature is the new stained glass window (pictured above) which commemorates the restoration of the church following the devastating IRA bombs which exploded nearby in 1993.  The church hall which lies behind is equally striking, decorated with two elegant statues of orphaned children on either side of the front door.  If you'd like to see all the photos I took please do stop by my blog here.  I'm hoping to visit further City churches in the near future but I suspect it'll be a while before I get around the complete set of 42!